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  We offer the following staging & decorating packages for Adorning your space:


Dazzle Package:

Consultation, Walk through the home and provide suggestions for improvements. Suggestions include furniture, accessories, art, flooring, countertops, cabinet, and paint choices (interior/exterior)  1-2 hours. $95/hr 


Sparkle Package

Utilizing client's existing furnishings to create a fresh new look (depending on space size) 1-3 hours. Starting at $300


Style Package:

Helping client shop for furniture and accessories needed to create the perfect room. Also includes staging the room. (depending on space) 3-4 hours. Starting at $500


Glam Package:

Staging homes that require furniture and accessories to be brought into the home to sell home. (depending on space) 1-2 days. Starting at $1500


Decorating services start at $95/ hour. We look forward to Adorning your space!

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Lisa: 204-510-1591



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