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Welcome to Adorn!

Adorn is a family business owned by Lisa Flather and her husband. Specializing in staging homes and creating residential and commercial spaces in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.

Lisa has been in the design industry for over ten years in various different outlets. She discovered her passion for spaces through creating window displays, designing commercials interiors and working with realtors to stage homes. After having two boys, Adorn was also born! 

Since opening Adorn, Lisa's attention to detail, customer care and fresh new ideas have made Adorn a success that allows Lisa to bring you the latest in products, furniture, style, colors and ideas to wow any space!



Style is important.  Keeping the space feel relaxed and spacious but using the area space wisely by making the right decisions will make the room the perfect place.




Listening to the client and working together to make the room come together.  Keeping budgets in place for each project.


Lisa Flather


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